An Integrative Approach to Achievement

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Crafting through words an image that communicates a message consistent with branding to successfully build outreach and growth.

​​​​​​​​Running Yogini integrates the knowledge and experience of a business owner, wellness coach, world traveler and accomplished runner to bring a wholistic approach to communication and management.

Welcome to my world of Running Yogini

I’m a runner (a person in forward motion who does not have both feet on the ground at the same time) and a yogini (a female practitioner of yoga, an ancient art of lifestyle integrating mind, body and spirit awareness).

And I am always running. Whether it is ideas running through my head for a book or venture, creating text for my clients, or communicating with partners, I run through it all, in my mind and in practice. I am the picture definition of a soccer mom. I run from carpool, to running my own business, to getting in yoga and a run, to life chores, to soccer practice and games. The spirit of running and yoga is the inspiration. Meditation and movement ground me and raise my energy. Creation lights my soul.

I am an uber organized entrepreneur running a spirited life.

Writing is an important tool to convey the purpose, drive and vision of a venture across all mediums. I thrive on creative energy and apply that energy to entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve put name to paper on six ventures and collaborate with colleagues on others. Communicating clearly, concisely and consistently with your audience is the difference in developing a steady following that converts to paying customers. Crafting through words the image you wish to convey while maintaining alignment with your brand is an art.

A writer develops the skill to listen. While you pursue your passion through the business grind, the writer (that’s me!) communicates that passion while maintaining connection with your clients, collaborators and customer base. With our busy schedules and daily use of technology, communication has become an ever important skill, one I have nurtured as a wordsmith, entrepreneur and advocate.

As the director of my own business, I apply my entrepreneurial spirit, experience and understanding to the clients and communities I serve. I invite you to read these pages for more information and testimonials. Please contact me for a free consultation on how my writing, coaching and business platform helps my clients achieve their goals.