An Integrative Approach to Achievement

Running Yogini integrates the knowledge and experience of a certified running coach, yoga trainer and life strategies coach to bring a whole-person approach to wellness. Advocacy utilizes established networks and representation in the wellness community to continue outreach and growth of programs and events. Writing provides a forum to share the knowledge and experience gained as a coach and advocate in the wellness industry.


​Running Yogini advocates for individual wellness, social wellness and positive growth in the wellness industry through writing and engaging community members and leaders as a proponent for programs and events empowering people to create a model for life-long wellness and achievement. Learn more


Writing shares stories and experiences that instruct, educate and inspire people to believe in the intertwining spirit of our lives and to mobilize people to improve wellness for themselves and their communities. The owner of Running Yogini has been an expert contributor to Runner's World Magazine, ecomii Food and Health Alternative, Yahoo! Green and various publications. Learn more

​Running ​Yogini

Integrate mind, body and spirit awareness to create a model for life-long wellness and achievement.