"Working with Angela on several projects within the non-profit and wellness industries I have closely experienced her extraordinary communication skills and ability to connect people and causes. She is an extremely talented and inspiring writer and a social media virtuoso with a wealth of knowledge and substantial experience within the health and wellness area. Angela is a true leader and a captivating writer who's strong passion for individual and social wellness shines through in all her work and always leaves footprints that make a difference."

- Marie Forsberg-Mare; President SveUS, board member Swedish American Chambers of Commerce - CO

I thrive on creative energy and apply that energy to entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve put name to paper on six ventures and collaborate with colleagues on others. As the director of my own business, I apply my entrepreneurial spirit, experience and understanding to the clients and communities I serve.

My travel experiences around the world have created cross cultural exchanges and insights that have awakened the spirit to write, speak and engage community leaders. These experiences have developed several partnerships and relationships in the wellness, sports and nonprofit communities.

I have been proud to serve as Venue Director on the Games Organizing Committee for Special Olympics Colorado and to be provided opportunities for my family to advocate for Special Olympics Unified Sports programs. It was incredibly meaningful to be inducted with my family into the Special Olympics Colorado Hall of Fame. I have been honored to be a Governor Appointee, Board Member and Vice Chair of the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness (now Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles) and Vice President of the Council’s Foundation and to receive the Distinguished Service Award for dedicated council leadership and service to the community.

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Run a Spirited Life

Integrate body, mind and spirit awareness to create a model for lifelong wellness and achievement.

The Running Yogini adventure began after a 15-year hiatus from running after years of battling the cycle of injury and recovery through high school and college competitive racing. As a result of research into health, wellness, fitness and athletic training, I was able to start running again. I accomplished my dream to run along the Mediterranean Sea by finishing the French Riviera Marathon and later that year completed the Pikes Peak Ascent followed by a repeat visit with my team to the Hood to Coast Relay.

Running Yogini started as a blog to provide a forum to share the knowledge and experience gained as a certified running coach, yoga trainer and life-strategies coach. The blog promoted my unique approach to coaching and endurance training through correct running form and breathing techniques to relieve stress and avoid injuries; but also to bring body, mind and spirit awareness as a whole-person approach to wellness and achievement.

Writing expanded with an invitation to be an expert contributor to Runner’s World Magazine and ecomii.com, with several articles being picked up through national and international networks. I'm excited to be included in an upcoming book on yoga wisdom. I am currently writing a book on wellness strategies and applications for individual wellness and social wellness through the developmental stages from early adulthood through retirement.

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Integrate the knowledge and experience of a coach, writer, wellness advocate, sports director, entrepreneur, world traveler & accomplished runner.

An Integrative Approach to Achievement

​​Angela thrives on opportunities to write, travel and advocate for individual and social wellness.