Stage 1:  Wellness Investment

Build a Strong Foundation

Stage 1 of WELLNESS INVESTMENT PLAN is about discovering who you are and what is important for you to establish a strong foundation from which to grow. This process is about discovering what aspects of lifestyle are important to you. The way you invest in yourself now, financially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, builds a strong foundation that provides security and stability that will pay dividends in the future.

​​Stage 2:  Wellness Economy

Building Worth

Economy can be defined as careful management of available resources. We have a limited amount of resources, but an endless supply of ideas on how to use them. Utilizing resources available effectively and efficiently will help you optimize your wellness investment. What is your wellness worth? Are you willing to invest in your wellness to build up equity for the well-being of your future? Worth, too, is about value. What is your value, to yourself and to others.

Stage 3:  Physical Wellness

Trust Your Instinct

Physical wellness is what we commonly think of when we think of health. Feeling well should be our natural stasis. Develop the ability to trust your instinct on your wellness. By following the exercises in this book and developing a wellness practice you will begin to feel and recognize the healthy state of physical wellness. How do you build trust? Consistently practicing what you want and experiencing the result of that practice will build trust. 

Stage 4:  Individual Wellness

Live With Heart

Individual wellness is a feeling within, from the heart, built from awareness developed in the previous stages’ exercises. This stage helps us keep perspective of what’s important in our lives. Living with heart means recognizing and acknowledging our own feelings and the feelings of others and is a way to guide us in our daily life. Attitude can positively influence our approach to our wellness and can help us make great achievements in our wellness.

Stage 5:  Social Wellness

Find Your Voice

Social wellness is about how you can share your voice. If we have a strong foundation, running economically, and we’ve been able to focus on our well-being, we feel we are able give back to our community. The process starts with participation and being willing to give of ourselves to others. Mentoring is a process of sharing your voice as an active member of your community to guide others, but also to continue growing in your well-being.​

Stage 6: Mental Wellness

Use Your Insight

As we focus on our mental wellness, we can develop insight into our behaviors and actions and use this insight to guide us towards mental awareness. The mental game is visualizing the lifestyle we want. It is used to see what is meaningful to us and then actualize it. Bringing awareness to your mental wellness and trusting your instinct develops intuition. As we build confidence in our intuition, it will be able to guide us effectively and efficiently.

Stage 7:  Spiritual Wellness

Awareness & Acceptance

Spiritual wellness is about connection and guidance that comes from something greater than ourselves. This final stage marks an awareness  and acceptance of the choices we’ve made and finding peace with our life path. Legacy comes with a level of acceptance from a life lived with deliberation and focused intent and that you will leave a mark on this world. Awareness and acceptance of spiritual guidance is our path to healing and well-being.

Wellness Investment Plan Formula

A Model for Lifelong Wellness

Your individual wellness plus the wellness of the community you contribute to, along with how efficiently and effectively you manage your wellness, is your wellness investment plan. Lifelong wellness and achievement is about the lifestyle you have and where you want to be throughout your developmental cycle while applying the wellness formula healthy habits (assets) – unhealthy choices (liabilities) = worth (equity). Your worth is your feelings of well-being and your value to yourself (individual wellness) and others (social wellness). Wellness economy develops from awareness of your well-being and how effectively you apply the wellness formula and how efficiently you cycle through the wellness stages to produce economic management of your wellness investment plan.​

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7 Stages to Create a Model for Lifelong Wellness