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"Working with Angela on several projects within the non-profit and wellness industries I have closely experienced her extraordinary communication skills and ability to connect people and causes. She is an extremely talented and inspiring writer and a social media virtuoso with a wealth of knowledge and substantial experience within the health and wellness area. Angela is a true leader and a captivating writer whose strong passion for individual and social wellness shines through in all her work and always leaves footprints that make a difference."
- Marie Forsberg-Mare; President SveUS, board member Swedish American Chambers of Commerce - CO

“Angela is a consummate professional. She is active in the community, strives to achieve the best possible outcome in all scenarios and is engaged in every aspect of wellness in Colorado. Her ideas and follow through are what set her apart from most people. While others talk about it happening, she makes it happen. It has been a pleasure working with her and I hope to continue to develop a strong relationship with her both professionally and personally.”
- Justin Eberle; Founder/President, Colorado Sports Organization

“Angela is the hardest working wellness professional I know. Talk about organized! She is now on our Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness Board of Directors and she is a godsend. For one, her spearheading the social media for our Council website is making us more visible and relevant every day. And I am always confident having her meeting with other CEO’s and leaders to create new business partnerships. Thanks Angela!”
- Jeff Taylor- President, Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness; Owner, LifeSports

"Angela is a detail-oriented very passionate coach and healthy lifestyle trainer. Her passion and desire for each person to be successful with their abilities is very evident through the relationships she has developed by working with the Special Olympics organization. She has demonstrated her skills as a leader in the wellness industry through her work with the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness. I was fortunate to be able to serve with her on the Council. As I have taken on a leadership role with the Governor's Council, Angela has been most helpful in assisting me with this transition. Angela continues to assist me, by reviewing our website and other important documents and making recommendations for improvements. I value Angela's opinion very much and enjoy reaching out to her for her advice."
- Clayton Ellis; President, Colorado Governor's Council for Active & Healthy Lifestyles

“Angela has been an expert contributing writer for the Food & Health Alternative on ecomii.com, a leading environmental site, since the first quarter of 2010. Angela’s deep knowledge spans several disciplines. She integrates breathing techniques and yoga principles with advanced running concepts in a unique approach that relieves tension and improves performance. Angela is a pleasure to work with. Her articles are written from an uncommon perspective and offer both the aspiring athlete and seasoned runner insight and advice designed to maximize outcome.”
- Marie Oser; Managing Editor, ecomii.com Food and Health Alternative

“In working with her on two magazine articles, I was most impressed by Angela’s ability to communicate in a clear, concise and easily understood manner. She also delivered the information and quotes I needed quickly, despite a very busy schedule. And her qualifications as a running coach and yoga expert are hard to beat.”
- Bob Cooper; Contributing Editor, Runner’s World Magazine

“I am new to running; I started about 2 years ago. Ever since starting, I have repeatedly injured my shins, which is extremely frustrating because running is the only way I am able to take off my ‘baby weight’!  Then I met a lady who told me about Angela. Some friends and I signed up for some group coaching sessions and I ‘started over’ with Angela’s methods. During the very first session, she was able to point out exactly why my shins were hurting, and since then I have corrected my form. I am now pain free!
And, even more icing on the cake: after taking two full weeks off to heal and running very little for 6 weeks prior to that, the first time I ran one of my favorite 3.5 mile routes, I was only 5 seconds shy of a new PR. I was amazed at the improvement. I am training now for my first half marathon and I know in my heart I would not have been able to do this without Angela’s coaching. Thank you so much Angela!”

- Amy Nohrden – mom, entreprenuer and half-marathon trainee

"You were pretty firm about heart rate training, and making sure that I never crossed a certain number, and that breathing is the key to keeping that heart rate down. I am often amazed when doing pace runs or increasing my durations that I can almost will my heart rate down, solely on how I breathe. I do enjoy the benefits of the hard work, and that I am able to do so much and feel so great doing it. Running was so painful before, mentally, and physically. Its nice to know that I can now bang out 45-60 minutes and feel like I really could have kept going if I had wanted to! Thank you for the time you invested in me."
- Krystal Myers, music teacher and mother

"It has been an honor and privilege to know and work side by side with Angela. As one of our most valued Games Organizing Committee members, Angela has devoted countless hours and energy to Special Olympics Colorado and continues to display her commitment to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities on a daily basis. Angela has been on the Games Organizing Committees for all four of our state level competitions, including Winter Games, Summer Games, Summer Classic, and Fall Classic in a variety of leadership positions including Athletics Venue Director, Human Resources Director, Skating Venue Director, Volunteer and Information Services Director, and Golf Venue Director.  Angela was selected as Volunteer of the Quarter in Winter of 2007. I highly recommend Angela, she is an extremely valuable asset and brings years of strength and experience to our organization.”
- Mandi DeWitt – Volunteer Coordinator, Special Olympics Colorado