An Integrative Approach to Achievement

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What if you’re not well enough to enjoy all that you work so hard to achieve? An investment plan focuses on achieving your lifestyle of choice. A financial investment plan helps you acquire the monetary funds to live your dream lifestyle; a wellness investment plan helps ensure you’ll be well enough to enjoy that lifestyle.

WELLNESS INVESTMENT PLAN runs parallel to what we’re taught about financial investing. If you start investing when you’re young, you can afford to take more risks. Simply put, your wellness is a long-term investment. The actions you take right now to invest in your well-being will payout in the long run.

This graphic illustrates a more detailed model of seven layers of wellness that occur throughout the lifecycle.

We may cycle through these layers as we evaluate our current level of well-being within our current experiences and developmental stage. Wellness of body, mind, and spirit leads to achievement in every area of life, but the additional items addressed in this model reach the more intangible areas not frequently discussed. With a change in our perception of what wellness encapsulates, these intangibles can be a part of everybody’s strategy for optimal well-being.

This book is a tool for realizing these seven areas of wellness. Incorporating each area will bring balance in your approach to wellness. Buy now or learn more about the 7 Stages.

Wellness Investment Plan Book